Thursday, January 14, 2016

January Prompts 5251-5275 

14 January 2016 - 20:35

5251 The Nepali for "Smile" is Arsenal!
5252 We should build bunkers, on stilts, against certain possibilities
5253 Jane Jane, Weightlifter
5254 There are students in the streets
5255 The police are shooting at each other 

5256 In a dirty motel, south of somewhere
5257 A little bit truer than the BBC
5258 Didn't he go to live in a jungle?
5259 Small people
5260 Blood on the grass

2561 A multi-millionaire died after forty years of drugs
5262 He killed her with his diamond-studded cane
5263 Tinned Peaches, Evaporated Milk
5264 A quiet river going nowhere, overhung with trees
5265 Killing is in fashion. It has always been in fashion

5266 We hoped, some prayed, but still the light went out
5267 It is the nearest he gets to sensitivity
5268 The Perils of Peter Prostate
5269 There are rocks bleeding, poets with Kalashnikovs
5270 How on the Sabbath we did not speak

5271 She wanted a heart to heart but skin got in the way
5272 If I should die, remember I fucked it up
5273 Wearing a Mackintosh in the Bath
5274 Did the leave of their own accord?
5275 These are the sad men, this the sick, those the dying

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