Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January Prompts 5201-5225 

13 January 2016 - 10:00

5201 Uncle Pizza buggered off
5203 Apparently a bombarde is like a tuba, only less couth
5204 It was only a small nuclear war
5205 There will be a lot of corpses. but at least its December

5206 You collect matchboxes, I collect shit. What is wrong with a hobby?
5207 I have thought a lot about what was right
5209 Either they were hanged or changed the world; I can't remember
5210 They are polishing the capital for God's visit

5211 What is important is decided by the Gods
5212 Do satellites think they are still?
5213 How many ways are we speeding through space?
5214 Just an ordinary man who kept sheep
5215 I dreamt there was a mill, weaving happiness

5216 How much would I have to pay, to work here?
5217 You think this is easy?
5218 I have lived in times I thought were important
5219 Semolina, the Devil's Work!
5220 Can you make time for tea with the Viceroy?

5221 No more than third persons per taxi, pliss!
5222 It took seven weeks for one stranger to decide the fate of 1.6 Billion people
5223 CLOCK
5224 Rivers of blood are beautiful. No way you can deny this.
5225 I see your reflection in the puddle. It ripples, making you seem alive

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