Monday, January 11, 2016

January Prompts 5076-5100 

11 January 2016 - 07:00

5076 We love on, for without that the rest is waiting
5077 When the beard of off and no-one notices
5078 We do not win at chess, we loser slower
5079 I will comfort wounded soldiers and repent
5080 I would walk the Himalayas, happily to die

5081 Not knowing deeply sure, my mother's heart
5082 The ploughman ploughs until the field is done
5083 Does the squirrel chill and contemplate his nuts?
5984 In times of affliction and distress
5985 If we counted out our seconds, never stopping

5986 Masons, Higglers, Undertakers, Thieves
5087 My wife's teeth
5088 We wear cloth we do not weave
5089 Fight on, Fight on, we will get to you anon
5090 We too have ghosts but have become blind

5091 The world is many shades, and in the shade
5092 Do not mimic, think. Do not follow, lead.
5093 The test is the sleeping dog. Do you stroke it or ignore?
5094 A woman who puts the CD in the box, then asks, "Where do these go?"
5095 Pity the people whose king loves trumpets

5096 Shhh, I am saving the world
5097 A tree full of raindrops every one wishing to be the last to meet the ground
5098 It is not lying, this, it is saying true things another way
5099 Without the sun just a poor, sad tree
5100 I worry less about the things I'm not

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