Friday, January 01, 2016

Advent Prompts 4476-4500 

01 January 2016 - 06:10

4476 Katmandu 
4477 This is the last thing I will write.
4478 Apparently I have the wrong veins to be an addict
4479 Beautiful few toilets, not many roads
4480 Beautiful men who go red-eyed in battle

4481 One of the women is dying
4482 How Aunties were, in prefabs, in old Victorian houses
4483 Boy on tip-toe, the roar of the crowd
4484 The nurse is very patient. She quietly takes a portion of my life
4485 A night once, Miami Beach, the stove black with roaches

4486 Like witches with their cauldrons, frantic frogs
4487 Outside Maternity, kicking a ball
4488 If menstruation is a monthly beauty, is shitting a daily miracle?
4489 A poem about the end of everything 
4490 In 1905 they ask, does the negro shed tears?

4491 It will be about various numbers, protein, PSA, Iron, White Cells
4492 Famine this, disease that, and of course, war, war, war
4493 I know what you say you mean, but that is only half
4494 Or at the end of a round of golf, the sun high 
4495 Which Elizabeth taylor? Which Burton?

4496 My gut feels hot. maybe actually burning
4497 Outside the waiters are going home, skinny, tired, wondering what their lives will be
4498 You need to understand: book, words, mincer, regurgitate, new.
4499 Cat on a Hot Tin Desire
4500 The singer collapsing the end of his song

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