Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday Jan 31st

Boot Camp

January Flash Blast

2015-0048 (Jan 31 2015) 07:25 (Saturday)

1176 BPPV
1177 The children are gone, the drawers are full of pencils
1178 Going to See Wednesday
1179 McLintock said the world would end yesterday, and he was never wrong
1180 They're discounting shit this weekend

1181 An afternoon of ghosts, rain on the tin-roof
1182 You can't know the world continues, only you think it does
1183 She said I had nice handwriting
1184 Rarely, a woman takes your breath away and you feel smaller
1185 I was left behind a curtain, hearing violins

1186 How it must have been, the terror
1187 Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 
1188 the gleaming brown of a perfect conker
1189 I like the one about the coaster, not sure about Quinquereme
1190 Something about a man painting a wall

1191 I selected marble. It turned out to be flames
1192 We are distracted by your silences, speak!
1193 My other had an old bag, turned out to be her sister
1194 Everyone should experience dying
1195 How nice it would be if before, we met the men we'd kill

1196 What I miss the most is you, Good Morning Daddy!
1197 Four ways to go and a million ways between
1198 A man in his garden, potatoes in the ground
1199 The wind against the prison walls
1200 Oh my love is like a clump of weeds

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