Thursday, January 08, 2015

More prompts

2015-0020 (Jan 08 2015) 16:05

0476 Summary Justice Unit
0477 Do not read this!
0478 The deck is stacked
0479 A free cup of tea, a round of toast
0480 He was so bad he made my father seem decent

0481 Game On!
0482 Chickens in the Corridor
0483 When I was tiny, a little shiny apple
0484 Two left
0485 We open our throats and sing

0486 On Hundred and EIGHTY!!
0487 You can TRY to disengage
0488 When silence being, for a while it rings
0489 Your name upon a stone
0490 How small it folds

0491 There you go again, pretending to exist
0492 The chairs move by themselves
0493 All his bikes, his cars
0494 The extra child in the cupboard
0495 Joyous, reckless, impertinent

0496 I will either kill myself or read a book
0497 A woman is the blues
0498 The people here are too small
0499 If my mother could speak, she would tell you
0500 I am not looking for nuance

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