Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2015-0046 (Jan 27 2015) 12:10 (Tuesday)

Boot Camp

January Flash Blast

2015-0046 (Jan 27 2015) 12:10 (Tuesday)

1126 Aeroplanes, thick as flies, moaning, droning
1127 How will the spaces fill, and what is substance comes from where?
1128 Continue, Reverend, full of shit
1129 The traffic cop, gleaming white, pretty enough to eat
1130 We are almost ready, but we are never ready

1131 How can your absence fill a room?
1132 I turn back to my own journey and will arrive later than expected
1133 All atoms but the egg is not the omelette
1134 Your death is in everything from a pebble to the sky
1135 Hold my eyes so I may hear

1136 Eventually I will have gone. Think of me now and then
1137 Her knees up to her throat, her crazy hair
1138 Surviving is a form of punishment
1139 Charred toast, broken yolks, bacon like leather
1140 They said you were sick. You look all right to me!

1141 There must be pain. Why?
1142 Poems about funerals and lofty speeches
1143 The way she sat upon a chair
1144 I cannot wallow in your despair 
1145 But the water can only find the sea

1146 Death is an anchor that makes us faster
1147 A puff of scent, then gone
1148 A foot of earth, another foot of snow
1149 You weren't here long enough
1150 There are things we live with, but we shouldn't live with

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