Thursday, January 22, 2015

2015-0039 (Jan 22 2015) 21:47 (Thursday/Friday)

Boot Camp

January Flash Blast

2015-0039 (Jan 22 2015) 21:47 (Thursday/Friday)

0951 I am a fisherman, that's all
0952 Bucket
0953 Arrangements are being made for my imminent demise
0954 Ladder
0955 You seem to want, one day, to meet the hangman

0956 We might as well clock out
0957 Something rotten, some dark, disturbing smell
0958 It is night here
0959 Cheer up. It might never 'appen!
0960 trying to walk the dogs

0961 The cupboards open and empty
0962 I don't expect you to understand
0963 The Native English
0964 I will be  juggler or eat fire
0965 Too close to the end of the month

0966 Picnic in Soweto
0967 A jury of FaceBookers
0968 Note this carefully
0969 We are pursuing our investigations
0970 How the negro cries

0971 Cut it all down, then burn it
0972 Alchemy
0973 The call this the known world
0974 A light round you
0975 There's a shop selling poems in the High Street

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