Monday, January 19, 2015

2015-0034 (Jan 19 2015) 12:12 (Monday)

Boot Camp
January Flash Blast

2015-0034 (Jan 19 2015) 12:12 (Monday)

0826 The lies of those we love
0827 Secretly to Chicago, and then by train
0828 I have booked the Heathrow coaches
0829 Barcelona, no Gran Canaria, well, "Spain"
0830 You owe, I owe, it almost balances out

0831 The sound of someone on the stairs
0832 We don't make love but sometimes you let me fuck you
0833 Dead birds everywhere
0834 We could murder our parents and run away
0835 Because of this, women give themselves to me

0836 It meant nothing to me
0837 There is a room, a bed, a window
0838 We meet behind the ruins of our houses
0839 The light, somehow, comes through
0840 I want to name the town, but it feels wrong

0841 Late at night I stare out 
0842 A quiet man who raked his lawn on Sundays
0843 Flesh on flesh
0844 Between you, me and the dog
0845 My beard is growing slowly

0846 I would leave flowers there
0847 The anger is a heat in my ears
0848 Love perhaps, but what it is is unutterable 
0849 Cancer! Whoop-de-dooh!
0850 OK, it's over. Turn it off.

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