Saturday, January 03, 2015

2015-0015 (Jan 03 2015) 12:10

Boot Camp January Blast

2015-0015 (Jan 03 2015) 12:10

0351 Sometimes habit is all we have. The next thing waits and the gap becomes smaller
0352 We are pyjama'd, unbreakfasted, waiting for a reason to drink
0353 Furnace
0354 I am just Dad. My father was more than that.
0355 Lake a patient on a gurney

0356 The moon has no chains but cannot leave
0357 Your Junior, surely?
0358 My parents were childless
0359 My name is Smith. I live alone and death's a way away
0360 Let us just undress, walk in, and see how far we get

0361 The Dean was upset now Johnson was dead
0362 An era, and the end of an era, and the start may be the start of one, or waiting to become
0363 In their turn, they were screwed
0364 I feel or like to say I feel, a sense of calming.
0365 Yes, get out early

0366 Canals, back-yards, what is the dirt of life, drifts by
0367 Broderick
0368 What exactly happened last night?
0369 Why dirty Northern towns appear in jokes
0370 I would probably clean and tidy before popping the pills

0371 He said that sex began in 63. It may have done, but not for me.
0372 Not since could I use the word innocent. Before I was merely uninformed
0373 We all had Chatterly, and there was That Was the Week That Was
0374 Farthing
0375 Don't for a second think my umbrella takes two

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