Monday, January 05, 2015

2015-0017 (Jan 05 2015) 08:05

Boot Camp January Blast

2015-0017 (Jan 05 2015) 08:05

0401 My husband is on fire in the living room
0402 A New Jersey Glass Finisher
0403 We should be enemies, damn youI
0404 Consarn it, yer durn tootin' persnickety female! !
0405 You have kept us from bright colours for too long

0406 I am not always acting
0407 BLINK
0408 Here is certainty: the smell of baking bread
0409 There are ghosts, zombies, and fathers
0410 They remained together till her death 

0411 Some of us are tired and some of us are mad
0412 It's about a lady and a mirror but it's in Chinese
0413 Please pardon my tiny female input
0414 Men in Sports-Jackets and open-necked shirts
0415 Is there anything more honest than a potato?

0416 Men with knotted hankies on their head
0417 What rhymes with bigger, snigger, digger?
0418 There are no Sundays any more
0419 I move between tables, couples, men with a hand beneath the cloth
0420 Sand, sand, sand.

0421 I'm just popping up the - errr to see Father O'Flaherty
0422 Coyotes, Gabby Hayes
0423 He disremembers, quietly smiling
0424 Circling the Wagons
0425 I sometimes think of cabbage at the worst moments

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