Thursday, January 01, 2015

New Year's Day 06:28

Boot Camp January Blast


New Year's Day 06:28

0251 My mother, swimming slowly
0252 She was funny, high-voiced, a little awkward, but she loved like Jesus
0253 They are wrapping up babies in Gimbals 
0254 A Boy Called David said he Loved me
0255 The funny way, sleeping, you breathe

0256 Frankly, I could do with a proper fuck
0257 In this one he drops back, his legs out, so those behind are seen
0258 We were all singing. I thought people liked me
0259 OK, Good, now push the bayonet in.
0260 She says, Lie on your back, stare until it blurs

0261 That ridiculous scarf
0262 "Always-Look-on-the-BRIGHT-Side-of Life"
0263 Let me know where I can reach you
0264 The Birdie Song
0265 A story beginning, "Thank-You for choosing to pay your bill by direct debit."

0266 We should practice losing lovers, like Monday Morning Fire-Drill
0267 I lay in the bath, willing the phone to ring
0268 The Terrible Disease Called Old
0269 Racing for the door, bruises
0270 It is National Don't Pay the Rent Day.

0271 Fat, ugly planes, swollen with bombs
0272 I need to watch The Maltese Falcon
0273 Ball-Bearing
0274 Forget everything you heard
0275 I am ready to go.

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