Sunday, January 11, 2015


Boot Camp January Flash Blast

2015-0024 (Jan 11 2015) 10:08

0576 Crimson
0577 Nothing more than to be loved 
0578 Take it if you want, my epitaph
0579 Puce
0580 Their feathers white on white

0581 The end, beginning
0582 Dancing Together
0583 They arrive, depart
0584 When every word, every phrase, is blessed
0585 This is how we rise

0586 Je Suis some bloke or other
0587 It is rumoured I am Welsh, let me deny it!
0588 Sign my petition. I'm sure it's important.
0589 Hear that! Is that a waterfall?
0590 Share this, OMG!

0591 If only things could stay where they were
0592 DUTCH
0593 Once there were Bysantines, once Romans.
0594 The brightest light passes
0595 The plans dissolve

0596 My father, 24, in shorts and a grin
0597 The sound of silent weeping
0598 The exact weight of your breath
0599 Thin tea from an old flask
0600 A kind of sad music

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