Sunday, January 25, 2015

2015-0042 (Jan 25 2015) 18:25 (Sunday)

Boot Camp

January Flash Blast

2015-0042 (Jan 25 2015) 18:25 (Sunday)

1051 We walk like extras in a movie
1052 Darling, Darling, Will you please fuck off?
1053 Sometimes things get complicated
1054 Let's watch something that makes us cry
1055 Spitting out your teeth

1056 A man in short flannel trousers, boy in a suit
1057 Put your chair against the door and be quiet
1058 You have passed, with distinction
1059 The sympathy of vinyl
1060 Wrist, blade.

1061 Our ankles chained, our tongues pressed
1062 Afterplay
1063 In the best seats, holding hands
1064 Bloody women are like bloody taxis
1065 The unfolding of your body

1066 The Normans are coming!
1067 We started out pushed for time
1068 Listen to how a man explains
1069 Slim, dark-haired, a wicked bride
1070 The later it is, the more expensive they are

1071 It was crowded. I didn't see you
1072 The Milk Train, smelling vaguely of fish
1073 And it depends how desperate you are for a ride
1084 Tall grass, hot and yellow
1075 I'd like to be that old man who smiles with his eyes

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