Wednesday, January 07, 2015

2015-0019 (Jan 07 2015) 09:30

Boot Camp January Flash-Blast

2015-0019 (Jan 07 2015) 09:30

0451 I live approximately twenty-four hours a day
0452 Would you like to come up and see my Time Machine?
0453 If I am not me.without my glasses on // who would I be// in contact lenses?
0454 I might bark at strangers in the street
0455 I am glad I was never a Japanese Prisoner of War

0456 California, Cold White Wine
0457 Montmarte, hearing The Blues Brothers through a window
0458 Magnolia
0459 Ray Guns and Automatic Translators
0460 Sing if you like

0461 Where did you come from, time?
0462 St-st-st-stammer
0463 Walking the aisles, for an hour or two
0464 We could go chasing squirrels!
0465 She painted fruit, then ate them

0466 Almost all her arm
0467 Like a dog I feel you coming home
0468 Staring through cafe windows
0469 The children have been taken inside
0470 When visitors come, add water to the soup

0471 A Man called Peach
0472 Like a light gone out
0473 Was there ever a time when everything was possible?
0474 She swallowed a fly
0475 One Palm Tree, Two Palm Trees, Three Palm Trees...

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