Monday, January 12, 2015

2015-0025 (Jan 12 2015) 08:46

Boot Camp January Flash Blast

2015-0025 (Jan 12 2015) 08:46

0601 It isn't difficult to eat fire. Once.
0602 I died at birth, which is kind of a bummer
0603 I often dream of saving downed pilots
0604 My nocturnal habits are not for the squeamish
0605 Towels

0606 Newsprint, coffee, the smell of rain on wool
0607 I could build a boat?
0608 I hate the brown ones, thick and mad
0609 The contents of a man's handbag
0610 Sitting quietly, watching Kittiwakes

0611 Sleeping upright
0612 Nous Somme
0613 We are the convoy, you are Das Boot
0614 At the highest part of the mast
0615 I only teach Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and over the long weekend

0617 Half an Indian, a bit of kebab, her address
0618 Feel the swell, the motion, understand
0619 PING!
0620 The blackness between stars

0621 That's the thing with shoes
0622 My mobility scooter
0623 Perfecting Sprawl
0624 I turn to you second, after the sports pages
0625 We should build the cenotaphs higher and use them as radio masts

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