Thursday, January 01, 2015


Boot Camp January Blast

 2015-0012 (Jan 01 2015) 08:37

0276 Sympathy for the Devil
0277 Merry Christmas, Joe
0278 The Earth was flat until some checked
0279 Am I too judgemental?
0280 The Stove is Dead

0281 Polio
0282 One side of her face red
0283 We sang in disharmony
0284 We walked through streets in the rain
0285 You prefer Love films or War films?

0286 Beetroot
0287 Rows of White Crosses
0288 Certain memories of parents
0289 Yeah, right, fly me to the fucking moon
0290 He was cycling, rode in to the German Army

0291 Weapons Check here. Any Sarcasm madam?
0292 We gathered in the theatre
0293 You taught me to breathe. I had always been gasping
0294 I have been avoiding me
0295 It was a sort of secret joke between us

0296 Endless like pi.
0297 Two cups of oats, five of water
0298 Miss! Miss!
0299 Outside the window, a Robin, freezing
0300 How many buckets for a pound?

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