Saturday, January 17, 2015

2015-0032 (Jan 17 2015) 20:53 (Saturday/Sunday)

Boot Camp January Blast

2015-0032 (Jan 17 2015) 20:53 (Saturday/Sunday)

0776 In the gap between my fingers
0777 Quietly, a Sunday, a soft, rested river
0778 I hoped for this but would not pray
0779 We were all young and easy
0780 Before, in the dark future, we imagined now

0781 Our various toys
0782 Somewhere, way off a clatter of bottles
0783 The way the Male Voice lifts the village
0784 I left a long time ago
0785 Children be brave, stand, walk forward

0786 Let us remember
0787 Please excuse me, but I must die now
0788 In the old age of my childhood I had paused
0789 I prefer trees, summer, autumn
0790 When the bus made an emergency stop

0791 I remember a bright red blanket
0792 Finally, the sun broke through and the children sang
0793 Yes, I am lonely
0794 We started you off like a watch
0795 I will not give you up, not shut you out

0796 Into the thigh
0797 I hear a woman singing, a man weeping
0798 When you were born, we applauded
0799 I remember the smallest, purest things
0800 Lights in French Windows

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