Friday, January 09, 2015

Boot Camp January Blast: Prompt Set 21



Boot Camp January Flash Blast

2015-0021 (Jan 09 2015) 08:50

 0501 Essential Rules for Staying Alive
0502 I need to make dough
0503 You fill up with light even as your light goes out
0504 Tell me about my despair
0505 You left your keys and a cheque for have the rent

0506 If you could start again
0507 I mine books, but smelt, even as I come back up
0508 I would have left a flower
0509 After the footballer, who will we gather round next?
0510 Love is waking up in the night and discovering you're not alone

0511 Open the door and begin walking. Whistle
0512 The world will continue
0513 I would like to dream this dream again. This what?
0514 If we could turn of living like a light, but turn it on again
0515 I think you are shouting, "I am here!" that is all.

0516 Try to be complete
0517 There is a spider and, to it, I am something to mull over
0518 The flash of light as we run between trees
0519 No better, no worse, just you.
0520 Lie down, face down, peer into the grass. There is a life there

0521 New bullets gleam
0522 Do we go to war marked with the entry wound?
0523 Can you feel the wind on a still day?
0524 Let's call this alive, but not pretend it's more than that.
0525 Ask them in, make tea, tell them a story


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