Friday, January 16, 2015


Boot Camp January Flash Blast

2015-0030 (Jan 16 2015) 11:20 (Friday)

0726 Reciting poems on the Moon
0727 The morning drug run
0728 Sometimes we step aside and despair flies by us
0729 Paris Noir
0730 The things in my diary; 1967

0731 Stand on the edge by all means, but choose which way you fall
0732 Some things will always be hidden
0733 Were you ever a child?
0734 The negative correlation between Kittens and Pussy
0735 My stick-man cartoons of the prophet

0736 Forced Divorces
0737 Tell me what you're thinking
0738 He's very heavy, he's my brother
0739 You have shattered me, but the pieces are still beautiful
0740 In a yellow window, just your face

0741 Not just the sun, not even the sun
0742 BLUE
0743 The various rules of desire
0744 It's a Cactus, Prick!
0745 Your absence has been extended but I am patient

0746 I would prefer to remain if you can provide me with a heart
0747 Is that really all you want?
0748 Lolita!
0749 A woman in the shadow of a doorway
0750 Catch the light, hold the hope, hang on to dreams

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