Thursday, January 22, 2015

2015-0038 (Jan 22 2015) 08:15 (Thursday)

Boot Camp
January Flash Blast

2015-0038 (Jan 22 2015) 08:15 (Thursday)

0926 Skimming through Clifton
0927 And rise again, and live in caves again
0928 We do not all come to wisdom at the same time
0929 With blood upon a wall, the scratch of stone then dusts
0930 And if we ever fall, if we can forget all this

0931 Watching the scissor grinder in the street 
0932 The first brooch, the first bracelet, the first time love, not sex
0933 Perhaps China, or climbing from the Rift
0934 Our colour was the sky and given us
0935 I am pressed against the window

0936 No unborn babies, no more dead trees
0937 When at the cave mouth suddenly was smoke
0938 What ate, what we would eat, the poisons, the water
0939 When we grunted, fucked, fought for food
0940 But held our babies close and slept as one

0941 And us, unknowing, hurtled into the future
0942 You fell somewhere but did not die
0943 Savannah, swamp, alive in the shallows of the lake
0944 Let us run naked and black through our own streets
0945 And a white animal came from there, rapacious

0946 The smallest could not run and I could not carry
0947 Come back to the black and pure
0948 Playing Ray Charles in the heat
0949 And God say, I cain't promise you nuthin'
0950 We were at the bottom of something and as we climbed, went down

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