Monday, January 26, 2015

2015-0045 (Jan 26 2015) 18:20 (Monday/Tuesday)

Boot Camp

January Flash Blast

2015-0045 (Jan 26 2015) 18:20 (Monday/Tuesday)

1101 Talks are described as positive
1102 Believe!
1103 Some people live on their wits
1104 A glass of water, some whisky
1105 I fancy a low-wire act, or smoke-eating

1106 I'm a little fuzzy on the ghost thing
1107 Wireless
1108  On the corner of Arsehole Street and Shite
1109 If the tide went out and kept going
1110 Pity me, the bastard

1111 I am the walk-on in Gunsmoke
1112 Bulldozer
1113 Killing Gran
1114 We stole some bikes to ride to Mass
1115 Ten babies in a bombed-out truck

1116 Rabbit skulls in his pocket
1117 The story didn't start with you
1118 The child from rubble
1119 I will reflect on this and give it some respect
1120 Lost diaphragm: I'm going in!

1121 I have lots of spare manure
1122 A rusty key, corroded lock
1123 Plough my furrow
1124 You can see from their faces: not funny
1125 I can award you various medals

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