Friday, January 23, 2015

The 1,000th Prompt for 2015

Boot Camp

January Flash Blast

2015-0040 (Jan 23 2015) 08:15 (Friday)

0976 The men on banks with rods and nets and something else
0977 Don't be afraid of any of them
0978 I dream about icebergs
0979 You may arrive, you may not, but wake, walk, experience
0980 Rowing in circles because it's MY oar

0981 Nothing ever happens here
0982 Imagine a woman, then go find her
0983 Let the horses out, pause, begin crying
0984 A Poxed Blanket
0985 Overnight fucking on The Orient Express

0986 Let's be honest, Godot is an arsehole
0987 I simply cannot understand
0988 Let us stay in and admire the new kitchen
0989 You said it could not happen twice and then it struck
0990 I am fluent in BS ans studying spin

0991 Hull stinks but not as much as Grimsby
0992 We can, but do not choose, to videophone
0993 A thousand mewling pups and snuffling
0994 I might be a hawk
0995 Wheelbarrows full of manure

0996 The snow fox using earth to catch its prey
0997 Is the flower in the bud?
0998 Primroses, Bluebells, Snowdrops
0999 I am obsessing on this sparrow, it consumes
1000 It feels as if we've reached some kind of goal

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