Sunday, January 25, 2015

Saturday's Prompts

Boot Camp

January Flash Blast

2015-0041 (Jan 24 2015) 14:38 (Friday)

1001 I neither hope nor expect to turn around
1002 There is always time, though it sometimes hides
1003 I am happy; we can build on this
1004 The sky is too small and very dry
1005 How the desert calls us down

1006 The cruellest season
1007 We were warm then, deep in feathers
1008 All of us playing in the sun
1009 A mirror broken
1010 The sound of water over stones

1011 Something filthy beneath an innocent rock
1012 Throw the baby away and we'll talk
1013 Some part of London, heavy in fog
1014 We will plant the corpses and hope
1015 You treat your armchair like a throne

1016 The light upon the table
1017 The way joy withers as time swells
1018 A giant fire, a massive oak surround
1019 I am having trouble with my nerves
1020 The sponge to wipe our arses

1021 There are rats in the ginnel
1022 The wind beats against the passage door
1023 She was elegant, intelligent
1024 I'm washing my hair
1025 National Service

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