Sunday, January 25, 2015


Boot Camp

January Flash Blast

2015-0042 (Jan 25 2015) 07:45 (Sunday)

1026 The eroticism of perfect pleats
1027 Horses, their dust rising
1028 Lists, and lists of lists
1029 And I was desperate for somehow just a kiss
1030 A fresh, cream, perfectly ironed bed

1031 How cops begin with Sir, end Motherfucker!
1032 I was a crazed and unknown thing, something mothers said
1033 I am in a pod, a handsome pea
1034 But she knew nothing of this
1035 Lost in the Woods above Montreux

1036 You are your own forest and I cannot penetrate 
1037 Sunday Bells
1038 The CDs we hid from prospective lovers
1039 A toffee Yum-Yum
1040 When you are frozen, mere cold is light relief

1041 You were at church
1042 What is messy in the heart
1043 Pretend the TV is on and you have sherry
1044 Why the calf slips out easy but women scream
1045 First, learn to love ironing

1046 Scooping Elephant shit is an art
1047 What a few crystals can do
1048 Spreading butter thick on toast
1049 When I grow weary and unhappy
1050 Knowing at four there's a game on TV

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