Sunday, February 01, 2015

Prompts: Feb 1st

Boot Camp

January Flash Blast

2015-0049 (Feb 1 2015) 07:43 (Sunday)

1201 Who will identify you?
1202 Put a record on the juke box, my Marlene
1203 Sand pouring through the gap
1204 The smell of late night buses
1205 I would rather be scared with friends than brave alone

1206 Mine will be a small death, hardly noticed
1207 The footprints left in ash
1208 Roll up your sleeves, pull the child free
1209 I leave one arm to feed the insects
1210 I am forty-seven and forty-eight

1211 Is it my body that you want, or me?
1212 Something about ice-cream and how they make the flavours
1213 We need more cliche
1214 Let us invite seven spinsters up for tea
1215 What is not

1216 I've started, so I'll do my best to finish
1217 I would be a U-Boat Captain, with five days of beard
1218 Summer, but ticks in the grass
1219 I could have been a private dick, a shamus with a dirty hat
1220 Musician, torturer; musician, murderer; musician, you.

1221 The concussion of the unexpected blast
1222 Adrenaline
1223 Keep saying we were right: as the tanks roll over us
1224 When we fucked in my Cortina
1225 I almost rang your bell

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