Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday Prompts

It may have been 1952

They might have been holding hands

There are graves no grass goes near

It's the conscience of the house

We will measure the earth and the seas


The tongues of tramps and itinerants

A parade of ambulances

We are building factories to make chains

While they are putting in the stitches

Some of the houses are shrinking

The blood of good men shining

We're alive. Isn't that enough?

Whatever makes the world go round

I forget. Who won the war?

After the kids had gone to bed

Twenty-Six Acacia Avenue

A boy who learned italics

Brickies, Plumbers, Short-Story Writers

A fair few cobwebs

It probably weighed two ounces, three

Just like that, Poof!

The moving finger writes, followed closely by Tippex

It may have been the South of France

These are better children, plump, juicy

Better a half-truth than lie, both better than quiet

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