Monday, May 27, 2013

Prompts Monday May 27th

The wood turns under him

He could have charmed the pants of Mary Whitehouse

I am thinking of my father, my stubborn father

In the back room of a haberdashers


Bible printed on rice-paper for safety

Good job, nice hours, boss is OK

Of course there's the blood issue


But we can shower before we go home

The Great Palaces

And light-proof rooms, anchors for chains

Hot night and even the trees wilt

We dig the founds, a cellar under the cellar

A clean knock-out

A hair full of plaster and paint

Close up a cow slobbers, sheep are stupid

Mother wept, father sighed, Booby giggled, Beattie cried

I'd like to work with a wrecking ball

The hole is deep enough

Daffyd Thomas, Village hero

Why they have to go, the fine, the better

Is it my imagination or is the sun different?

Don't look directly, use a card

Wheel her in, stop over the inspection pit

Before I was a virgin


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