Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Prompts 29 May

He wasn't wearing a brand-new suit

A man could walk four or five miles

I was glad the world was there

My mother said I needed a hair-cut

Now I know how it feels to be famous

His head bitten off by a tiger

Throwing custard pies at our enemies

Miss Binney, Teacher, third grade

I was just the messenger

A tall Mexican who worked for my uncle

A very ordinary dog

He wasn't joking either

A boy on skates

I fell in love with a midget

Have another beer

She didn't say a word

Eventually we would come to blows

If I live to be sixty

My father's micrometer, in a velvet box

A Texas Ranger

Sixty cents in my pocket

Well, it so happens he wasn't

There are books about it

A person of extreme proportions

She could play piano and sing

Citizens of the Third World

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