Monday, May 13, 2013

Prompts May 13

A summer fat and sweet

The indifferent streets, how people pass

My skin is stretched, my bones escaping


Just an ordninary man down from the hills

Wild, shy, confused

Shaggy-faced but poetry there

He spoke, then opened his eyes

She looks weak, she sounds innocent

A garden shed, paraquat, a shotgun, photographs

We must not be taken in

Yes, I have been to Mars. It's fairly red

To watch my mother sewing

Lice falling onto paper, cracked between nails

Cheese and Onion paste in a huge yellow bowl: the fire

Think of it, think of it, the train in the night

Built from rivers, stones pass

The quiet tongue, the dry, cracked lips

Sheep, dogs, ponies, beer, sweaty women

Like sparrows for breadcrumbs

Men in sports jackets and open-necked shirts

The Black Book

Oh how I have hated you all

I defer but I do not have to believe

Where art rises from the earth to dribble away

Forgive me then, of a certain hatred

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