Sunday, May 19, 2013

So what's my point in the two posts below?

First, if you are a writer you think like a writer, you live like a writer, you love like a writer. You find time to write and if they cut off your fingers you type with a stick between your teeth.

No time is wasted, provided you think like a writer.

I was frustrated by wasted time, but then I looked again and USED the school-run to think, to express, to remember. 

I remembered my poor-upbringing home-life, the six kids clustered around the stove waiting for a serving of porridge and toast (all we ever ate), I worried about the kids going through puberty, remembered dead friends.

I could take that 3,300 article and LIVE OFF IT as a writer for six months. I could "mine" those half-thoughts for material, and the stories or poems I wrote would beget more stories and more poems.

We could all stop now and never see or hear another thing. 

We would still never run out of stories. 

You just have to learn to see again, think again, go deep.

And, what else?

I got a 1,050 word short-story out of it

I peace on J K Rowling!

I got three and a half thousand words of an article and went through 5,000 words for the day.

I re-remembered enough cues for six months of writing.


Because instead of thinking of the school-run as dead-time, I opened my eyes, my heart, my writer-soul, and thought BE NAKED and realised that everything is there for a reason, even men who glare with hate in their eyes.

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