Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Prompts for Tuesday/Wednesday

You may wallow in your folly

Or we could go to Cardiff

The wreck of a German bomber

What if there was nothing to surprise us?

Sometimes it's a mistake; sometimes it looks like a mistake


I'm in love with Captain Kirk

Jones 18-Months

My uncle at the piano

An island somewhere, dark and low

I sell the air from empty boxes

We edged towards summer


Billy Williams & the Chamber-pot of Secrets

Nobody is walking the dogs

I try to remember when I was old

For a while then, see how it goes

The red yacht, the yellow sail, blue sea

Finally, I crashed

I will burn every book and rejoice

When all is said and done, we're done

The ropes are tight, expectant, hard as a dick

That young and easy bit, under an apple tree

Do not go gentle et-cet-er-rarrr

I woke to hear her pissing in the dark

Now that I care not

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