Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Didn't Win the Lottery Prompts

I stole the fucking plums. So what?
Word Poker. Your aneurism beat my pair of cancers
At the end of this story some will say nothing happened
Just wait 'till your father gets home
There are great silences that echo
Some kind of duck, stupid-looking
Sometimes when it rains it feels special
Two men are mixing cement, a third steps in
We decided to leave, in flimsy ships
So long as men can breathe we will gain fat

Daffodils, Bluebells
We can always walk into the sea
It was odd - everyone started humming
I'm going to tell your father

Sometimes things don't always go to plan
There are cheap lies, but the art can be perfected
The mating call of BMWs; Clams
The passing bells tolling, that stuff
Is this your coat? I'll get mine
I'm going to go to London - something will be there
A lady in Camden making cakes, a violin by the river
Picasso Modelling Saving Foam, Drawing in Sand

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