Thursday, May 02, 2013


This is an off-the-cuff, a bit random very rough survey


How many people bought ALL the HP books for themselves or family?

If you did, HONESTLY, did you or the gif tees ACTUALLY read them ALL right thru or did some just watch watch the films?

I ask because the feedback I received from kids (now about 18-23) is that they HAD them but DIDN'T read them.

We have two full sets of HP at Capel Cader Idris and they are never touched. They are immaculate.

We have all the books TWICE (there) and once here. NOBODY in this house has finished even four.

I tried to read 1-2-3 and hated that they were the same book, derivative, telly, wordy.

I sorta skimmed them.

Deb didn't like them at all, PJ either, me either.

Bridie hated them

But between Capel Cader Idris, and Kingfisher Barn

we have bought more than 21 copies!!!

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