Wednesday, May 01, 2013

I LOVE the SP Market

I meant to say

"What I dismiss is the SP market AS A WHOLE, a cesspit of hopelessly under qualified terrible writers who are dragging the market into disrepute, gradually eroding the fundamentals of pricing, advertising etc etc etc

I don't dispute that there may be 100 decent authors, maybe a 1,000, maybe 5,000 but all I need to do is scan The Amazon Top 100 to see how GENERALLY bad it is.

It's the new Vanity Publishing, a haven for the weak, the deluded and the lazy.

Not ALL SPers are deluded, weak or lazy, but the serious, the qualified, the industrious, those prepared to hone their craft are like good soldiers lost in the retreat of millions.

Before SP, before Bewrite and Lulu, there was VANITY and there was Trad, and we knew what vanity was, the rip-off of the deluded.

Now all that has happened is the deluded have multiplied a thousand fold and followed a small phalanx of decent writers who saw a new medium but had no idea it would be so quickly infected.

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