Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Excrement with Accidental Cream

Someone just suggested that the current Self-Publishing Masturbation Fest was "no different from the early days of car-manufacture, or the Dot-Com bubble

The dot-com boom worked well didn't it? Millions were sharked by that one.

Greed Rules.

The early car industry is a pathetic comparison.

To make a car you needed to have seriously-good engineering skills, but the actual concept was ground-breaking. Writing isn't.

Secondly, though cars crashed or garages failed, the main reason many disappeared was straight capitalism, the cost of increasing manufacture from one-offs to big time.

So many garages "disappeared" but were ABSORBED.

The current SP bubble, the excrement and cream factory is not the equivalent of the beginning of the auto-industry.

It's the equivalent of idiot boys leaving school unqualified, who barely know how to hold a wrench, deciding that Ford, Chrysler, Jaguar, Honda et al are elitist closed-shoppers.

So they bang together shitty, horrible, banger death-traps and paint them shiny and copy each other.

Then, when once every 100,000 times someone makes a car that's about 90% as good as a traditionally-manufactured car, they all copy that for a while.

Carried on, eventually the whole world makes a car each and every family has 50 or so crap cars and they drive their real car, that elitist Ford or Dodge in secret shame.

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