Thursday, May 02, 2013

Following Up

Of course we know that 99.99% of the people who publish for one or more of the bad reasons won't just come out and say,

"Hell I KNOW I can't write. I'm shit but I don't care.

I know Ballisto's Poetic Cat and The Philosophy of Quarking" is dire, but it gives me sexual pleasure to be an author, so fuck you"

No, they'll pretend they worked at their craft for 98 years, lived for 13 years in the Gobi Desert with only water and 17 lizards to live on while writing their masterpiece.

They came back and sold their body to science and lived, now just a brain in a jar, with glucose dripping in, for their art.

They suffered, oh GOD how they suffered but those elitist Dinosaur Publishers were SCARED of this masterpiece.

Jesuit priests sought him out to kill him with wicked blades (they were Albanian albinos, bald, with piercing red eyes and never SAID anything, they murmured sullenly or thundered.)

The CBI and the FIA put out hits on him, tried to turn off the electrical power to the nation just so his glass jar would seize up and his fabulous brain be forever dimmed.

But he TRIUMPHED and Ballisto's Poetic Cat and The Philosophy of Quarking 

can be read at this URL


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