Monday, June 09, 2014

Prompt Set for June Flash Blast.

Prompt Set for June Flash Blast.


Monday 9th June 10:25

A certain delicious depravity and unpleasantness
A man should get drunk now and then out of principle
A voice whooping down an ancient chimney
American mutterings
But I am not that fond of bears
But whom do you address?
Dead is dead
Do not acquire knowledge through spilled blood
Dumas, Dickens
Horse Sense
I have momentarily mislaid my muse
I may waste my twilight or kill a president
I need the harsh smell of sage, the dry air
I should take a job with the Chamber of Commerce
It feels like a long and tedious concatenation of circumstance
It is a little dear here but the climate is impeccable
It's a tough racket
Knocking over gravestones
Not archaic, but not slangy or vernacular either
Or, of course a cabin by a lake
Some flowery dame in a hilltop house, wasn't it?
Talk technique when you run out of ideas!
That is a poor man's town full of nervous sisters
The dark smoothness of an old pistol
There is far too much talk about the dead.
Those of us here, by life defeated
You didn't sound that happy
You need to FUCK with the language

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