Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June Blast Prompt Set 36

I suspect we should be enemies but I would rather love you
We were made heroes
The women wait somewhere, then give up
My father, hiding toffees, fearful
Let us make loud noises and jiggle
Chocolate, wine, various dried plants
I was a seal, then a sea-lion. Now I am a Walrus
Out catching girls in nets
Open the box!
I can't remember what it was like
Sucking the life from strangers
This finger, that finger, occasional thumb
Hey dad, I wroted a poem!
Back then, when who people slept with...
I am disremembering
This is all clay, dried, crumbling
Give me your hand, touch it to my face
Huddling like troops under mud
It was half-past midnight, January
Your loving Willie Thomas
A little rum and tea and one last fag
The enemy sleeps in feather beds, listening to warm songs

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