Tuesday, June 17, 2014

BC Flash Blast. Prompt Set 35

BC Flash Blast. Prompt Set 35
11:45 Tuesday 17th June

My eyes would not focus

I must have heard questions. I must have answered

On the bus to the airport I began to be ill

I should sign my letter "Always."

He feels he should suffer all the time

The wallpaper must go!

James has a new school and is very happy

The best people are outsiders, not loners

It's over; Decree nisi!

I have no sacrificial genes in me

David tires easily

I am as happy as six kittens in a wool factory

I am so lucky to be out of it

Questions you would never normally answer

I adore my flat, my tiny, tiny flat


I am healthy, busy, committed

The maids are terrified of snakes and spiders

I worry about my troops

He plays tennis a lot

I hack for money and tend my brood

My life has been positively riddled with mistakes

But that time was a solid, deadly waste of time

There is a penalty for cowardice

I am just three pounds over my best and positively beaming

I am teaching myself to cook now I have a stove

Some day I will tell you about Mombassa

Wild Almond trees, hundreds of monkeys!

The sea is inches away, blue as love

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