Sunday, June 01, 2014

Prompt Set 15

June Flash Blast.

Prompt Set 15
June 1st 13:24

It was late September.
I had just not-poured a nice glass of wine.
I was trying to ignore the screams of pain from the garden
The chairs were moving again; the books were talking
Q & A, C&A
Would you kill a beetle to save a rose?
I want to learn to play the blues
My sister's face.
Once we were all shiny as apples
I suggest you listen; slow down.
The faint sound of a certain kind of dying
Peter has stolen something; Paul is pissed.
The people here are shrinking
I would like to be an old rich lady playing bridge
My sister, her husband, my father, all dead.
Last night the lawn was bored and mowed itself
Please hold this ice-cube for me. I'll be back tomorrow.
Crushed Hazlenuts, Raspberry coulis
And there is a longing, a terrible longing
The sky was lower than I remembered
Rain is coming in
I would like the love of a fat black lady who laughs
I am as mindless as a diamond
Seventy-six or so trombones

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