Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Prompt Set 26

Boot Camp Blast

Prompt Set 26

I am thinking of you like a cow, ruminating, chewing over the things we did.

I shall send you to Finland.

Summer nights, naked under sheets, listening to the radio

I love you very much; that is why I throw things

A woman lives inside me

Come to New York, wine me, dine me, love me

I love where history occurs, where I will be killed

People get hurt even when you don't mean to hurt them

Things can be complicated

I feel like I should spend some time in the desert

My head is bashed out from inside

He is lonely and feels abandoned

I have a horror of matrimony

Let us sin decently and be proud

Paid off in stocks when love flies

When love ends just hold tight for a while and try not to drink too much

I want to see how the world works

The West coast is very lovely

Are you still thin and quite brown?

Do you still run two miles before breakfast?

Are you still mean when you play tennis?

Will you pummel me and then kiss me?

I am in the pink now, after my illness.

The hills have a fine toupee of snow

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