Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Boot Camp June Blast 025

Boot Camp June Blast 025

08:38 June 11th

Three "blocks" today

Play Geoff Buckley's "Hallelujah" on repeat, sit and listen at least six times, THEN, write your opening sentence, wait, listen some more. Now, with hallelujah still playing, either turn off your screen or set the font to white so your words are invisible. Write your story WITHOUT CHECKING WHAT YOU HAVE WRITTEN.

If you get lost, simply press carriage return a few times, then continue. Don't worry about errors, just write from the gut.

ROMPTS (2 lots)

Questions to my dead mother
A for Orses
A man I knew, a lumberjack
I went to buy a car
Henry V
Five or Six Days in June
Coyotes, Gabby Hayes
Why I work at night
Point three-three
The Interior Decorator
Postcard From Orlando
How rainbows Appear in the Sky

Swords, pens; the sword is harder to wield
You praise your village and I will mine
Your fear and my fear, shall we meet where they cross?
I will be your Chief of Staff
Grey, half asleep, our shoes undone
Places we have already been, our shadow in grass
The bark of a dog who knows he was Aristotle
Wheat ripens but soon enough rots
The women have lined up, ready on the hill
This is not about birthdays
Singing as the plane goes down
I am a landscape; my memories fetid swamps

There is little more glorious than a child's first steps
and what could depress us more?

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