Tuesday, June 17, 2014

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My God, what a bunch of dung.
It is God's error that I am a woman
Give me living that explodes and fizzes
I would have been an astonishing man
I cannot tolerate dullness
I do not want to be good
I prefer a dangerous, dizzy unhappiness to boredom
It is time to embark on an orgy of drunkenness
I will be elegant and decent shortly before I succumb
It can rain here for seven days straight
Very few here are worth getting drunk with
Perhaps a quiet night with Brahms
I try not to think, it is always bad
Or write like a lady from a polite place
The fire of a happy whore
I hate almost everything like Holy Hell
Still curious, angry, anxious
We are enchanted by the book
It is very handsome here
Not all stories are uplifting
Ducks overhead like bombers heading for the Rhine
I would rather be a writer than anything else
I am troubled, head and heart
Have the guts to write
Just say clearly what you see
Shiny, impressive, technical and dead
Read a bad novel and learn about restaurants

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