Monday, June 16, 2014

BC June Prompts 34

BC Prompts 34

16:38 June 16th

Notes for my brother

Fuk Yew, Taiwanese Waiter

Considering his reflection and the emptiness in the world
The way sometimes rain is soft
Broad as tall, but gentle
The greats, the chancers, the frauds
Down corridors of coloured light
Sun on snow
I need a cruise to somewhere hot
Tonight, and every night
Half a dozen loaves and a fish or three
Let's turn round and try something different
Right in the muffle of things
A million butterflies, suddenly ominous
He sits and waits his sister's scissors
Boarded Up
The time when we needed to sing
Otter, snake, bird
This is why I live in Wales
The twisted trees and fallen walls
A girl's face like a spell in the air

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