Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday-Monday Prompts

He goes outside, finds an excuse, takes his phone

We live with animals, insects, germs

Walk. Feel the birds staring

He needs to see her. So badly he cannot breathe

The tree is rotten. It all stinks

The little man in the boat

In her sleep she sounds like a dog

That moment, when the first kiss doesn’t happen

A small piece of you

The day gives up and leaves us

There is your blood and there is my blood

Given how it is with you and all you’ve said


Suddenly the room is smaller, heat rises

I would like to love a dangerous girl


Blackberries swollen with autumn

Barbed wire, lovers, whispered dismissal

We can fight if you like. Or make love. It’s all the same.

The little death, yes; but so is a sneeze

My body begs, but I am disgusted with him

Once more, once more please

My skin and your skin but the feel of someone else

I would just like you to remember my title: man.

Goose Feathers

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