Monday, April 22, 2013

Mars: the Origin


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Flash: Have a Blast!

Elsewhere my group "flash" most days, from a set of prompts I generate, usually 20-24.

The idea is to set aside 45-75 minutes, look at the prompts and start writing "FREE" inspired by a prompt or prompts that click with you.

This is the opposite of planned, plotted, outlined work. It's about trusting the unconscious to find stores you already "own" stories deep in the soul,brewing in the gut. We have had more than 50 first prizes from flashes produced this way.

A flash is USUALLY 200-1200 words, more typically 350-850, but the length isn't the point.

What I term a flash is not dependent on LENGTH but depends on the PROCESS. It's freewheeling, sudden, quick-thinking, with the left-brained editor switched off.

Here are today's prompts

You can use 1, 2, many or all, either exactly, altered or just as inspiration

The crucial element though is SPEED, non-thinking.

Don't consider, wonder, fool-around with ideas. Just read, sing, re-read until one or more prompts resonates. Then write as fast as you can, no editing, using the spirit, the soul, the unconscious.

Absolute max of 75 minutes. Longer means you are thinking.

Two aspirins, a little whisky

This is me, trying to be funny

It started raining when you left


Please cash the check as soon as possible

No, that's not what I meant

When I woke I had a little door in my chest


My 52nd lover

The scream of gulls, the stink of fish 'n chips

The Moon? Good idea!

It's a cool, clear October morning


I'm curious, what is your favourite death-scene?


I keep waking at 4 AM, trying to remember something

You can stop now, Sherlock

I shall play my harp in Times Square, read Proust to cats

Devil Pie

My name is Katia. I am invisible

An email from Jesus

We were never that close

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