Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday: More prompts and a bit of chat.

Before I post these prompts, thought I'd make a point.

I started writing flashes again about ten days ago. I mean i write flashes "all the time" but I started writing them at least one-a-day.

I've been posting them, but suddenly they are far richer, better, to the extent that I think I sjould start subbing again.

My point is, something happens when you get on a roll and write-write-write. Each day you start a little bit better, further up the mountain.

Here are today's prompts. It's the second batch cos I have already 
written a 503-word flash (before 0500)

We need to talk about something. Sit down

The dogs, snuffling, scratching in their bed

If she calls you Ronald, it's serious

What can be done with a razor

Or on the other hand, headline news

367 days

Our House in the deepest part of night

When the books are three deep and there's nowhere to go

One very hot day

A rumour of compassion breaking out

A piece of my heart

The 27th Valley

It's only a suggestion, but you could just die?

Love Soup

Forest, Trees, River, Sky

Towards the falls

Being Irish isn't always a handicap

The Things My Boys Carried With Them

Meditations in Green

The Old in Modern Art

Symphony of Wire

The Unassuming Death of Hermione Parker-Smythe

Why it isn't working

Somewhere in the hotel grounds

When hate just its there, fallow, swallowing

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