Monday, April 29, 2013

Blue Penny Quarterly

Blue Penny Quarterly

I had Googled in to Blue Moon Review where two of my stories got a very early home (Pontius was at Pilot Training School) and found Jack Hancock's War (see previous blog-post.)

The other story was Tanner Hop, Coyotes Interrupt us, a very special take on pulling it out just in time.

Anyway, I back-spaced to look for Tanner Hop and ended up on this site:

The newish blog/magazine run by Doug Lawson who once ran an incarnation of BPQ, then Blue Moon Review and Cafe Blue

Doug now again produces Blue Penny Quarterly which is optimised for the iPad, comes free and may be distributed. 

(It can be read on anything that reads PDFs)

If you write serious fiction and like reading it, check it out.

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