Monday, April 22, 2013

Flash Prompts, Monday 22 April

Use 1,2,3 or as many as you like, directly, exactly or not, combined or not.

Let go. Don't think.

Just write a flash as quickly as possible inspired by something from this list.


When the storm hit, I left my lover sleeping.

Dai P lives by the bridge

Fading flowers in a dusty basket

I ought to be happy

There are places in my country I won't go

National Lying Day

The King & Queen of their garden.

Walking home from a late-night film

A hotel in Dachau

A man thinks. Of a wall.

Letter to Miss Powell, Children's Dept., 1960

How a valley dies, a village drowns

Satanic Mills

The trees begin to thin, the light to grow


Brown music from fat instruments


Once they have died, they relax


The secret life of Jemima Trott.

A land of telephones and sellotape

She grinds my heart with answers far too short

Let's not talk of love. Be practical

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